How to Draw Anime - A Free Tutorial

How to Draw Male Chest/Torso

The chest and torso of a male anime character are difficult to draw because of the exaggeration of the male muscles. In any part of the male body that you draw must have definite muscle tone. The general shape of the torso is a trapezoid. The waist on a male will be thicker than that of a female, so there will be less of a curve when drawing from the ribs to the hips. Make sure you don’t make the lines of the waist too parallel or it will not look right, and your character will look more like a robot than a real person.

When drawing the shoulders you need to know that shoulders are not flat. When you draw the shoulders you have to give them a curve and a slope. Then the shoulders will give way to the arms and also the rest of the torso. Male shoulders are a lot broader than a female’s shoulders. Be sure not to make the curve of the shoulders too curvy, because men tend to have flatter shoulders but yet they still have a curve.

The chest is a major part in your character. Make sure that if you want the character to be muscular than a regular character, make the muscles in the chest more defined. Use the same method for the abdomen of your character.

When the character’s arms are lifted, draw a line where the underarm should be. When the arms are raised a part of the character’s back will be showing. This gives the body a better dimension and a better sense of reality.

Now you have created a torso and chest for your character. Don’t forget the little details like a bellybutton or even lines indicating the ribs or even scars to give your character some well…character!